Providing your Social Insurance Number is optional. Please note, however, that most credit reporting agencies use the Social Insurance Number as a unique identifier to ensure proper
identification when conducting credit reviews and preparing credit reports. If you do not wish to provide your Social Insurance Number, Killams ability to obtain a timely and accurate credit
report may be affected, hence affecting our ability to complete your application.

I/We understand that Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) is REQUIRED upon signing of the lease.

Proof of electricity transfer to tenants name must be produced before keys are issued.

I/We understand that no pets or visiting pets are allowed on the premises. (where applicable)

Proof of Tenant Liability Insurance must be produced before keys are issued. 

Should I not sign the lease or accept occupancy on the above stated possession date, you are hereby authorized to rent the premises to someone else and the holding deposit paid herewith shall be
retained by Killam Apartment REIT as liquidated damages.

Upon executing the lease, the holding deposit will be retained as a security deposit which will be refunded at the termination of the lease
provided that all covenants of the lease agreement have been adhered to and that the suite is left in a proper state of cleanliness and repair.

Please note that Killam has a no cash policy.

I/We, hereby give Permission to the Landlord or their agent(s) to obtain at any time a consumer/credit report about me, to contact previous landlords to obtain information about my previous tenancies, to contact agencies that provide landlord information, to contact my references, and to take any other reasonable steps necessary to assess this Rental Application, or for any renewal or associated tenancy issue.

I/We hereby give permission to Killam to provide contact information to Bell Aliant to assist with telecommunication requirements and to advise of incentives and discounts available to Killam Tenants.

I/We further acknowledge that Killam Apartment REIT will disclose, use and collect my personal information in accordance with Killams Privacy Policy which I have been provided.

I hereby offer to lease from Killam Apartment REIT the suite referred to above as the terms stated and if accepted, undertake to execute a lease in the standard form used by the landlord for the building. I represent that the information provided in this application is true and correct and authorize you to obtain a credit report.